Thursday, May 5, 2011


The one thing I know that most people don't associate with snakes is that they are cute.

They are demonized by many cultures, as well as in the Bible and many other religious facets.

Now it takes a lot for some people to even be in the presence of a snake, and I can understand that to an extent. I have to say that there are some snakes I would prefer not to be around (ala Venomous) for the sake of my safety and my ignorance on those particular species.

But for the most part, there are many other snakes that do not fall into this category, and I find them cute.

Granted, snakes do not have any type of emotional response, which I understand has a lot to do with people's discomfort with them. They don't give you many warning signs that they are upset, other than a neck curl. Compared to a dog, they are an emotional rock. Can you imagine your snake panting and wagging its tail when you come around due to excitement? I've been told they are more like fish, fun to look at.

I digress.

Cuteness is a personal determination, and I have to say some of the cutest moments in my snake career have been seeing snake eggs pip and little noses popping out.

And of course, extra cute when they try and eat me. The smaller they are, the funnier they are when they try to be big and bold. Of course, when they are big and bold, it's not as cute... It's rather startling. But I love them all the same.

So I wonder out there in Internet Land... Do you think your snakes are cute? Or is it just me trying to anthropomorphize my critters?

I also wonder if it's a gender thing. Nurturing cute critters for a female versus taking care of snakes for a male.

Anyway, this began with my holding one of my babies that is growing up to the camera... Gotta love watching them grow! It's a reassuring feeling knowing that they are getting big and healthy and strong. I'm a proud momma. And they are so CUTE!

Have a great and cute day, my friends.



rex said...

I like the different personalities my snakes have. Some are shy, some bitchy and grumpy and some acting like they are not ball pythons because they always move and never curls up.
As far as cuteness goes, in a certain way they are but I see them as gorgeous animals.

Chelsea Dawn Boocks said...

I think ball pythons are especially cute. My boyfriend, roommate and I have decided they have puppy faces. Lol. Unfortunately the man from whom I bought my cinnamon male, Moose, does not agree with me. In fact, as I was trying to convince my boyfriend that he was a neccessary addition to our collection by commenting on his cuteness, the breeder informed me "It's just a f***ing snake, they aren't meant to be cute." Really put me off, if I hadn't already fallen in love with Moose, I wouldn't have given that man any money. I can only imagine how he treats his animals.

Jackie M. said...

Chelsea: UGH. I hate him, whoever he is. Why'd he even get into the hobby if they're "just f***ing snakes"?

I totally think snakes are cute. At first it was just reptiles--the first things I thought were cute were rubber dinosaurs at the toy store when I was 3 years old. My Mom was so disturbed. She still is, honestly.

And they do have puppy faces! It's the split lip from where the egg tooth goes. Makes them look like they have puppy/kitten noses.

Jackie M. said...

ps: Moose! AhahaHAHA!

Bryan said...

I think all my critters are adorable in one way or another, including my snakes. I've been caught by friends on more than one occasion talking baby talk to the animals saying how cute they were. I think I may need some help lol.