Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh, how far we have come...

Last night, I spent some time with some of my old classmates at my Alma Mater for an Alumni Dinner.

It really put things into perspective as to where I am today.

I had always loved animals, always wanted to work with them, and wanted to have them as a part of my life. Being in the College of Science, I had the opportunity to work with them and study some of them as a requirement. I also got involved with working in the Reptile House on campus a bit, and got to see what goes on behind the scenes in an educational environment. (I was not jealous of the TA that had to work in the rodent room... PHEW!)

But again, it brings me back to where I started in this industry. I was in college at the time, and I had just gotten my first snake... I was thrilled to be able to have an animal, since while living in the dorms it was not permitted. I had her in my room at the house I was living at, and I was fascinated. I had a really good look at her, and look at myself, and thought... Hey. I like this!

So it began.

One became three became seven became double digits...

And I liked it even more!

Eggs came, babies came... learning happened.

Deaths happened, bites happened.

And I graduated and kept on keeping on. Worked full time, and did the snake thing.

So many years later (I think this is my seventh season?), here we are. I'm back in school to get more of an education, the snakes are a huge part of my life now, and I had no idea I would be where I am now.

But I am glad that I am.

So know this, my friends.

No matter where you are in life, know that if you want to get where you want to be with your projects and with your collection and with your reputation, just keep on keeping on. Do what you think is right, be the best that you can in the industry, insight the passion and the integrity that is so needed in this industry to others that are just beginning.

And take that and make it more than just snakes. Snakes are awesome, reptiles are awesome, but the people are what make it what it is... Having someone to share the inspiration and love of these animals with is something that can't be missed.

It's one of my favorite parts of doing this.

So thanks, guys. You know I love yah.

Keep on keeping on.

Have a great day, my friends.


Anonymous said...

undergrad at cal poly? do they still have the reptile house

Heather Wong said...

They did last time I was there... I am not 100% sure they do anymore.