Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collection photos

Well, this weekend, my friend Lewie and I took photos of the collection for the new website that should be popping up soon. Lewis Kessler Photography is his Facebook site if you so choose to check out his work.

While testing out a few backgrounds and new things, I got to use my own camera and played around with it myself. I am looking into a new camera (may get a hand-me-down soon), so I wanted to play around with photography again and some techniques.

Yellows and bright colors are easy to photograph on whatever background you so choose. Whites work well, as do background colors.

Whites with other colors pop well with any other background as well, although its better to use a darker background to set the contrast.

I still yet have not perfected the white on white background, although I am aware it has a lot to do with lighting. In the snake room, I have fluorescent lighting, which assists in real color recognition in photography, but not in extreme cases as in white on white. But, to be fair, this Pastel Super Mojave really is yellow, just not as yellow as it appears in this photo.

Well, those are the photos I took, and the ones that Lewie and I worked on should be visible shortly. I look forward to being able to unveil all of these to you soon, my friends!

It took a heck of an amount of time, as I took photos of all of the morphs I have here in the collection so far. But it was fun, and enlightening. Makes you appreciate what you have, and the beauty of the individual morphs.

So there you go, my friends.

Have a fantastic day!


Brandi said...

awesome! I can't wait to see the rest of the collection!!! :D

Jackie said...

Hey, did you breed that stripe-y pied yourself?

Heather Wong said...

Thanks Brandi, and yes Jackie, I did. That is my Pastel Pied I hatched out last season.