Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clutch #9 and more EBP

Well, the Egg Butt Puff actually resulted in eggs early last morning, but I didn't stay around to get them all until later. I did, however, take some photos before she was done.

 She looked miserable, of course, as most females are when pushing fetal things out of holes...
But a few hours later when I had the chance to get back into the snake room, she was done.

This female was the first female to lay for me last year, but this was not the case this year (obviously). 
So a few weeks later than the first clutch, we have six good eggs from my Pastel Super Mojave male and this female Pastel. 

I am hoping for a good bunch of Pastel Mojaves and Super Pastel Mojaves.

And some more Egg Butt Puff from my proven Het Pied female. She is the next one I expect to drop, although there are a few other females that are close as well (within the next week). 
We shall see!

And I was excited to see this, as I had been missing visual locks with this pairing. My Enchi male with one of my Mojave females (in shed and dirty). Lets see if this works, eh? Should be a great clutch if I get one... 
Fingers crossed!

Have a great day, my friends!

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