Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Times

This weekend was a good one. I have gotten a lot of things done, albeit not EVERYTHING I wanted to get done, as well as just enjoying my time with my friends and with Joel.

Other than cleaning and feeding the babies, I really didn't do much snakey, persay. I did get to do a few things, like get the clutches prepared, get the website updated, and plug in the second incubator, but other than that, really not too much.

So of course, I am going to share with you not so much snakey stuff, and more about things in general. Life is getting busy, as it usually does around this time of year. I'm getting ready for babies to hatch, prepping for the shows that I will be attending, and getting ready for the mass exodus of shipping when the babies hatch out. Usually, for a Ball Python breeder, June thru October are the busiest months for animals. This year will be no exception, although I am actually trying to get ahead of the game by preventing the little things from catching up to me when the time comes.

So I am doing all of this.. NOW.

And taking breaks in between as well.

Joel and I actually got a chance to see a movie together.

By the way, The Hangover II? Hilarious, disturbing, and totally worth seeing. There's a reason why they call it Bankok, hunny...

So there you go.

I hope you all had a good weekend as well.

And have a great day, my friends.

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