Friday, May 27, 2011

Clutch #11 and fatties

So Clutch #11 is on the ground, with Clutch #12 more than likely being laid right now...

But let's discuss Clutch #11 first.

Clutch #11 is an enigma wrapped up in a conspiracy, deep fried in a nutty coverup!

Well, not really... But I am not sure who the father is.

I know who the mother is, obviously... But I have no idea who I put with this gal that sired this clutch.

This gal was a "Oh crap, I'm not sure who would be the best bet for this gal... so lets throw a few things on her" female of this season.

So I did.

And I wrote them down, crossed some out, and the sticker on the tub is basically a bunch of scribbles where there should be a guaranteed father or fathers to be.

I can make a few things out, like Mojo Spider and Bumblebee... But I'm not sure why I crossed them out. This is basically a fail of records and organization for Heather.

For shame...

But we did get six glorious eggs out of the deal, and I'm sure they will be fantastic animals, no matter what pops out.

Mystery Clutch #1 for the season...

And of course, it looks like within the next few weeks, I will have the second incubator running full blast.

Here are a few fatties that I found in nesting position.

You gotta love the symmetry of it all. Beautiful little round buns..

Some a bit more fiesty than others...

And some much more nonchalant.

But all uncomfortable and due to give me eggs in a few weeks to a month.

Bring it on.

Have a great long weekend and day, my friends.

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