Monday, May 23, 2011

BP and Cinny complex

I have noticed that a lot of my collection consists of Black Pastel and Cinnamon stuff. 
Is this a problem? No way, Jose!

But I do find that I have many of them. And also many combinations of them.

And I am going to share with you some pictures of some of them. 

Now we all well know that Black Pastels and Cinnamons are similar in terms of genetics. They both are dark and have an interesting pattern, as well as nice blushing and a orange-yellow undertone. They both have a solid dark snake as a Super form, and they both make similar looking animals when put with a Pastel (the Pewters). 

But of course, that is not to say that they are the same. Because they are not...

But they do work similarlhy, and therefgore should be considered as a complex type as well. 

I'm just not sure what they would be called.

The Black-innamon Complex?

I digress.

Now it is time to enjoy some pictures of some of the combinations I have hiding here. 
Above is the Pewter Het Red Axanthic, one of the few in the world, as I understand it. 

Below, we have a Black Pastel Lesser. Not so rare, but absolutely stunning.

I am really glad to have her in the collection. One of those combinations you wouldn't expect to look so amazing...

And of course, the Super... Kinda. 
This here is the Silver Bullet, the Pastel Super Cinnamon or Pastel Super Black Pastel or Pastel Black Pastel Cinnamon. 

Isn't that super confusing? Yeah... It is.

I'd love to have a contrast shot of these gals next to a Super Cinny or Super Black Pastel, but for some reason I don't have any. Oh well... 

So there you go.

Black Pastels and Cinnamons are awesome. 

The Blinnamon Complex, my friends... 

Have a great day!

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