Friday, May 20, 2011

BEL Complex combinations

BEL complexes are rather complicated. There are a few of them that create Blue Eyed Leucistics (BEL's), which is why we call them Blue Eyed Leucistic complexes. Let's visit a list that will more than likely not be complete, as people seem to be dinking with many new ones as well.

Het Russo

So if you combine any of these together, they make a Blue Eyed Leucistic.

Now on top of that, you can combine any of these with any other morph to make some amazing things as well.
Hypo Mojave

And that is what these photos are up here to show. People tend to be amazed by the BEL Complexes on their own, and with good reason! They do fantastic things to the color and the pattern of Ball Pythons, and when you combine other morphs with it, it makes it even more interesting. Hypo on its own is sometimes considered boring. Add a BEL Complex, and it POPS!

Pastel Crystal
Of course the base morphs themselves are fantastic. Fantastic + more fantastic = Super Fantastic!
I love the Pastel addition to a BEL complex, as there are plenty of things that perk up with Pastel BEL complex.

Add Pastel Mojave to a Special, and you get a stunning animal, as you can see with the Pastel Crystal.

Pastel Lessers are one of my favorites in the collection just based on the fact that they have such a striking contrast. You can always count on people to love Pastel Lessers. They are just so yellow!

Pastel Lesser
So of course, I took these pictures to show off. I fully intend to get a few more photos for you all, but if you have any requests, I'd love to fulfill them! Sometimes I worry I show off the same animals all the time.

Think about it, let me know, and have a great day, my friends!

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