Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Black and White Comparison

I think I have mentioned more than a few times how much I like the Mojaves and how much I like Cinnamons and Black Pastels.

Black Pastel Mojave

They may be base morphs that are getting rather common these days, but I absolutely love what they do to things, and to each other. 

It's interesting what a solid Black snake maker and a solid White snake maker come together and create.

It's fascinating.

So of course, now that I have a few of the combinations to compare, I wanted to actually delegate a full blog to them.

Cinnamon Mojave

I kept back the Black Pastel Lesser female from last year, so I feel kind of obligated in a way to keep back these girls as well.

It's going to be very interesting to see the changes in colors as they grow.

Right now, they are very different, yet similar.

Cinnamon Mojave and Black Pastel Mojave side by side
As you can see clearly, the Cinnamon Mojave is a light grey animal compared to the darker colors of the Black Pastel. The Black Pastel Mojave has a deep chocolate tone with lots of golds and yellows, and a very dark head. The Cinnamon Mojave is brown, but with a touch of grey, light yellows and whites on the sides due to blushing. The head is lighter, and overall it has a lighter color.

We will revisit these critters in a few more months to see if there are any changes towards different color tones as they age.

I love being able to share these comparisons with you, as I know that I wonder when I see morphs that could be considered similar, if there is an opportunity to compare side by side. So if you have any requests, please let me know!

Have a great day, my friends!


Chelsea Dawn Boocks said...

Hey Heather, just wanted to let you know I got both my problem feeders eating tonight. Yay! Tried a few tricks, including the paper bag, but finally resorted to assisting. THey were both severely emaciated, makes me wonder if they were fed at all before I got them. Anyways, soon as I got the nose of the mouse in their mouths, they both coiled and ate easily. Only problem is that Astraea decided to coil my thumb instead of the dead mouse. Ow. Death grip of doom. Lol.

Anonymous said...

nice! i'm really digging that black pastel mojave- keep up the good work!