Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goal Snakes and Goals in General

Every breeder out there, big or small, has a goal snake.

This goal snake is what caused them to get into breeding in the first place... That one animal that they want to produce more than anything so that they can have it for their very own.

Sometimes it changes, sometimes it's easily achievable. But it is there, and a constant reminder of how awesome these animals can be.

So the question really is.. What is the goal of all of this?

What is your goal?

Some people have it in their minds to make a ton of everything and make it big.
Some people just want the little things, to make a bunch of stuff they want to make.
Some people want both.

My goals?

Honestly, as the wind blows, so do my goals.

I have a few that are settled, plans for breedings and things to implement into the collection.
What are they?

The Snow Spider, the Mochi Pied, the Axanthic Killerbee

Things that I can do, and that I have been aiming for, trying to work towards, mostly recessive, mostly hard to come by, absolutely fun.

There are of course many things that are close to the vest, like all breeders. Projects that if given away may give people the one up on you. This is a sad thing, to be concerned about someone else stealing your thunder, but such is the way of the industry sometimes.

Am I working on the Mojave Pied? Sure! Am I working on Crystal stuff? Sure! Am I working on the Crystal Pied? Well... yeah, by way of working on the other!

I'm sure I'm not the only one. But people don't talk about it. It's interesting, really. But I just put it out there.

There it is.

Is that a Goal Snake too?


But like I said, I have many...

What about you?


Jackie said...

panda pied, super pewter, super pewter pied? I want one of those "urban camos" for sure.

And now I have a lavender. Hmmmm... Lavender snows, dreamsicles? I guess I should hurry and grow him up!

Jackie said...


Trevor said...

Heya Heather! First off, thanks for the entertaining blog! I just read everything from 2010/11 breeding season, to present, and picked up a lot of tips along the way. My wife and I are just getting into breeding.. We decided to start off simple, and are working on building our stock of females.

Our goals, short term I suppose, are bumblebee, lemon blast, pewterblast, and spinner(blast). I would also LOVE to prove out my het pied male, (LOVE LOVE LOVE the pieds!) but we have yet to pick up a female for him.