Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm a Lame-oh.

Alrighty, people! The color of the season has been chosen! 

As I had mentioned before, the last year was Neon Orange (which looks yellow in this photo...)

I write down who goes with who that year on the sticker. 

Example above is the Het Genetic Stripe Female, who was bred by "G", the Genetic Stripe male.
Simple, right?

So now, I remember that this last season, this female was bred by G, but this year, I have yet to decide!
(Actually, I have decided... It's going to be the Pastel Genetic Stripe!)

But since I have not written it down, it is not yet official.

It must be written on the red sticker for 2012.
So it shall be. 

Yes, I am a Lame-oh, and I enjoy it very much.

 And you want to know how much more of a Lame-oh I am?
I went out of my way to find more stickers/labels to indicate things occurring on the tubs by just looking at them. 

So... What did I do?


In lovely neon colors as well...

Now I have yet to determine what I am going to indicate with these awesome tons of stickers that I now possess, but I will figure it out.

Something positive!

Maybe next year I can use these as the color indicators for breeders... Maybe the Blue Faces, eh?

Off I go to plan more stuff. I really am getting on the ball, I think. I just need a bit more time is all...

Have a great day, my friends!

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