Friday, October 21, 2011

Once again...

I have nothing of importance to share..

The next clutch to hatch will be next week sometime, and the next clutch to be laid is around that same time. There is a LOT of random spaces in between this season, and I try not to start breeding things until the end of the last season is over. Which... it is not.

So not only do I try not to think about pairings (which I haven't had much time to do anyway), I have not had much to talk about snakewise.

So I will delve into the photo galleries and post up random photos and talk about them.

TSK Axanthic Spider
I absolutely love the Axanthic Spiders... They look GREAT and they have not lost a touch of their silver color at all. I am really excited to put them in with the Pastel Axanthic stuff and finally make my Axanthic Killerbee, which is a project I have been gunning for for the past several years.

And add to that the fact that they are all possible het Albino or 100% het Albino, I plan on doing Snow Spiders and working that in there as well. It's going to be a great fun time with Axanthics, and although some people just don't like them... I do, and I see plenty of potential with them.

I am debating on making some double het TSK Axanthic Pieds or something like that.. Work another recessive in there. Can you imagine a Snow Pied? THAT right there would be a fun and difficult project to work on..

And I can't help but admire the Queenbee. It is a great animal to have in terms of genetics (Pastel, Lesser and Spider), but look at the WOW factor on this one! I LOVE THE ORANGE on the sides! I really am very excited to see how the sides color up, and how this gal grows into her colors. I am so excited to have her in the collection, as she is going to be one to watch for a while...

So of course, we go into another weekend, but this time I actually get to relax and enjoy some snakes! I hope to get everything settled and updated very soon, just in time for the Sacramento Show.

Have a great relaxing weekend, my friends.

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