Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Collection Update

Well, I just got my photo shoot on with my friend Lewie, who does my snake photo shoots when he's around. He took most of the photos on the collection page, so I wanted him to continue to do so for consistency sake, plus he takes some good pictures!

We went thru all of the new stuff that I have accumulated so far over this season, and I am shocked by how many new combinations I have made and how many new morphs I need to update the list with.

I believe it was somewhere around fifteen or twenty new morphs, including the new Vanilla male, a few new breeder male things I picked up, and the newer combinations that I produced this year for holding back.

On top of all of that, we did some photos for a charity calendar that I hope will be coming out soon. More information to come on that when the calendar becomes more solid.

Heels and Herps. It's a gorgeous combination...

And no, since he had the camera, I don't have any pictures to share as of this moment... Sorry.

I will be touching on a few topics soon that have been requested, but it has been a busy day, so I am going to make it brief.

So to summarize...

More pictures on the Collection page soon.
Photos of Heels and Herps to come soon... on a Calendar.
More things to come very soon!

Have a great day, my friends!

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Jackie said...

Okay, Heather. I have a one-month-old hatchling that won't eat. He's not thrilled about assist feeding, either. Advice? When do I actually start worrying?