Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Problem with Axanthics

You wanna know the problems with Axanthics? The older they get, the more brown they tend to get. And it is VERY hard to get good photographs of the genuine color of the animal.

Babies, it's a bit easier. They are smaller, less light needed to expose the right tones, etc.

Adults? HAH! Put them next to each other and they look completely different.

And remember, lighting is everything in getting the right tone for colors. 
Flash, no flash, glare etc... All things that take away from the real colors.
Below is the best representation I could come up with between an Axanthic and a Pastel Axanthic. They are siblings, and you can tell in the photo which one is which.

Here is the Pastel Axanthic again on its own. The Axanthic colors do not go well with Yellows and warm tones, so now is the best time to see the quality of the color.

And below, we have the Pastel Axanthic with an Adult Axanthic. She is NOT that brown in real life, but this photo was taken (poorly) to show the contrast between adult and baby. It is DRASTIC.  

Here is another adult, with a bit better overall tone, but still the colors are not true to form. I have yet to perfect my Axanthic takingg skills, and I really feel the need to do so, due to the fact that many people dislike the morph after the first year. I promise, they are worth it!

Axanthics are an awesome morph, and honestly the TSK line does have its faults, but I think that with better photography and more faith in the morph, people will come around.

I know.. maybe wishful thinking? I know I like them...

I promise to get my act together and get better photos. I am not doing them justice.

Have a great day, my friends.


Anonymous said...

which is your favorite of the axanthics lines and why do you see so many people warking with joliff, when i personally dont think they are that great???

Heather Wong said...

My favorite line is the TSK just because I have been working with them forever. I know VPI is pretty awesome as well. Jolliff is a line that I actually don't see so often, as I know most people feel it is of the lowest caliber (I can't speak to that, as I don't own any). VPI is the most popular.