Monday, October 3, 2011


HAPPY OCTOBER! (My favorite Month of the year!)

This next season is coming up way to quickly.

I have made the list of possible breeders, although it is not complete, and it has yet even be established who is going with who really.... It has been made.

The real serious stuff begins when I actually start weighing critters to see if they make the cut.

1200 grams is my minimum cutoff for females, and honestly, for some projects that are more important, it is 1500 grams. 

Green (last year) stickers for the females that are ready to go, Yellow or Red for those who are not quite there. I may change it up, since my Stoplight Color Scheme works only depending on the colors of the year.

Let me explain.

Every year, there is a new dot color... New in the sense that it wasn't used last year. Last years color dots stay up for the current year as a quick reference for what was bred to that female last year. This year, the color has to be obviously different.

I have been able to use a different color EVERY YEAR I have initiated this system, and yes, I go out of my way to find new color labels.

This past season, the color has been Orange.. A Nice Neon Orange to get the eyes focused.

This year, I have yet to determine.

And THAT will be when the seriousness begins. 
When the color of the year is chosen, it's on like Donkey Kong.

Maybe a nice cranberry or chartreuse?

HAH! No, it will be based on the availability of colors of stickers at the local office supply store.

And those stickers will be the first indicators of what male goes where.

THESE are the initial records for me to keep track of what males have been in what tubs. I usually write down every male, but with the craziness of this past year, Mystery Males were prevalent.

Note to self: Write shit down.

Every year there is something, and this year coming up is going to be a tough one too. With life coming around and getting in the way of serious snake business, it will be interesting to see how I can juggle everything and keep the organization up to par.

It's going to be a challenge, but I'm sure it'll be great fun.

And it begins with the color labels.

And getting my act together. And writing shit down.

Yeah... I better get on that.

Have a great day, my friends!

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