Monday, August 27, 2012

After Break Catch Up

So yeah, I took a whole week off.

I needed it.

So here I am, back in action, updating with things that I had snakely done over the past week.

First off, we had a nice clutch from the Firefly male to one of my Mojave females. I love the way the Fire Mojave looks, and if I get a Firefly Mojave out of it, that would be awesome! I've never hatched them out before...

But speaking of Mojave stuff, we had these guys pop out of the last Mojave clutch. There were eight eggs, but only three of them made it. Very disappointing, but then again... Look at the results!

I got a Pastel Crystal Male, a Pastel Special male and a weird looking Special female.  

I really like the female... On the fence about putting her up for sale, but as of right now, the whole clutch will be.

As for the rest of the week, I have hatchings to share and random musings to put to note.

I'm back!

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