Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So since we lost our beloved boxer Kona in December, it has been a hard road. We miss her still to this day, but as life goes on, so must we.

As responsible adults, Joel and I decided together that since we finished getting married, had settled down in our new home, and had some time to grieve, it may be time to let a new canine companion into our hearts and home again.

Regal, of course, has always been our first priority, and since he is almost 10 years old, we decided to adopt an adult dog much like himself.

I've always wanted a Doberman, and spent many days and nights searching for the right dog for our family.

We finally settled on "Ayla".

This was taken straight from the rescue website, Dobies and Little Paws:

Ayla is a middle-aged Dobie lady, somewhere between six and seven years old, we think. She is very pretty and extremely friendly, sweet, and affectionate towards people. She is a happy dog, who comes out every morning wagging her tail to greet the day and everyone she meets. She is good with other dogs and tolerates cats. Ayla is a real sweetheart, even though she is not in her first youth. She would be a great family dog.


So we went to the rescue, had her meet the Fuzz (Regal), and when all was well and good with the crabby old man, we picked her up, and fell in love.

She has a lick granuloma (which is a patch of exposed flesh due to licking), as she was in the rescue kennel for almost a YEAR! She was an owner surrender, and no one wanted her because of her age.

How could anyone pass up this beautiful girl?

We couldn't, and now she is part of the pack. She is now dubbed "Xena", as I am all for powerful princesses, which she is.

She is being treated for her granuloma. Look at her slipper!

I am very excited to have her here, and although this is not snake related, I'm sure we will be hearing more about her and the Fuzz, cause they are my children. I'll figure out some how to tie it in to snakes, I promise.

Have a great day, my friends. Hug your fuzz children!

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Jackie said...

She's beautiful! Hugging fuzzes...