Friday, August 17, 2012

Going cross-eyed

I know I have brought this up before, but there are so many combinations out there, with very little information/photographic evidence of their existance that I sometimes have a hard time pinning things down.

Even the basics, like Pastels versus Pastel Combinations can be mind bending.. I still have questions on animals that I think could be Fires, Vanillas, Supers or something else.

I hatched out some super wierd looking Pastel combination animals that I am not sure what is going on. Pastel Specials, but wierder? I'm not sure.

Same with the Firefly to Pewter clutch... I am still waiting for that last Pastel thingy to shed out (who, by the way, is taking his sweet time) so that I can at least be a little more confident.

Lesser stuff too... More blushing, brighter animals, etc... Combining things with other things that aren't starkly obvious make my life a tad bit difficult to say the least, and does mess with my mind.

I have to admit, I have stared at animals trying to delve into their genetics by mind meld several times... Or I am just a dork. Either way, it happened, and I accept it.

I have hatched out the wierd looking Normals, things that look different but more than likely are just something odd and cool. I have hatched out some obvious combinations... You can tell what a Pied looks like.

But when you get some darker Pastel Pieds or really bright normal Pieds, that's when things get fuzzy.

I hate to pretend like I know what I have when I really don't....

Seems pretentious to me.

So I ask. I post on this blog, I post on forums, Facebook, send e-mails, etc.

It is a great resource to ask other people what they think, of course, assuming that they have some type of background in that type of thing.

I wouldn't ask a Fireman about how to program a website (unless he or she was multitalented and did both...)

Anyway, the reason for my blabbering about all of this is that if you have doubts, ask. It never hurts to get feedback. Maybe it is something new!

I know I have several animals I have to send to friends for feedback. I'm gunna post them here too!

But not today... Today is Friday.

Have a non-cross-eyed weekend, my friends!

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