Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend GLORY

I have to say I am VERY excited for this weekend.
Why, do you ask?

Because I have legitimate time to sit on my ass and get things done. I do not have 17 million other things to do (only like... 3 million), and one of my goals for this weekend is to get the incubator page FINALLY up to date.

I am also going to be putting up more adult breeder animals this weekend, and get the available page up and running with EVERYTHING I have so far.

I have been slacking on the website, not because I don't want to get it done, but because I don't have as much time as I would like to sit for several hours focusing and bang it out.

While in the room last night feeding off things, I realized that there are many animals that can be consolidated into new breeder packages for people, that I have a lot of animals that should be sold off, and that it is time to get things in order for REAL this time.

Focusing before a crazy storm of crazy comes back and I get swept up again.


That is the goal for the weekend.

Life, as always, will be changing, and I want to be able to manage everything accordingly before I get overwhelmed (AGAIN).

This season has been an eye opener for me, due to everything I had to juggle as well as the standard breeding and show season that I go thru every year.

Things are crazy!

But, the more I think about it, the more I realize it is self-inflicted to a point. As my mother likes to remind me, I am always trying to do too much. This is true...

So I am trying to get that fixed!

Now I just need to stay excited enough to get it done without getting distracted.


Have a great holiday weekend, my friends!

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