Monday, August 6, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally produced Clowns. 

I am pretty stoked about this, due to the fact that I am a huge Clown fan. 

This clutch was a long shot, and of course, with that being said, there is a story.

I got a Het Clown male for a Birthday present from a friend back in 2006. I bred that male to my Pastel female, and kept back all of the females from the clutch, 0.2 Pastel poss het Clowns and 0.1 Poss Het Clown.

I recently picked up a Pastel het Clown male from my friend Scott at a local show, due to the fact that I felt that Homey wasn't pulling his weight AGAIN this year.

So I put the Pastel het Male with one of my Pastel poss het females...

Guess what?

She proved OUT!


So of course, when heads started popping out, I was stunned to see a Pastel Clown and what I thought was a tiny Killer Clown head.

I was right!

The problem was, of course, that the Killer Clown had hard yolk in the egg, so was unable to absorb as much as it needed to be a healthy fully developed ball python. I had to tie off his umbilicus and cut him out.
He is still in the Intensive Care Unit of Heather's Herps, and I am praying that he makes it. He seems to respond well to everything, but I still have my reservations. Of course, the first Clown I hatch has to have problems, right?

Killer Clown next to a Bottle Cap

And the Killer Clown came with a Pastel Clown brother!

He is obviously a bit bigger than the Killer, and he took much longer to come out of the egg. He is pretty sweet looking too. I am just crossing all my digits that both of them make it.
These are the hearty babies. I honestly have been too worried about the Killer to be able to tell you sexes, but the Pastel Clown is a boy.

I am very stoked that these babies are here, and that I hit such good odds, but I really need the odds to be in my favor in terms of healthy living babies.

It's the worst to hit on an animal that you've been dreaming of producing, just to find that there are issues that may take them away from you.

So... Send all the good luck and wishes this way you can, please. I'd appreciate it!

Have a great day, my friends!


Eventide said...

Wow, you hit both a Clown and a Killer! Amazing! I sure hope both of them do just fine for you!

I was hoping there'd be a normal Clown in there somewhere for me to buy. :P Oh, well, that's okay! You got some gorgeous babies out of that one!

Eventide said...

Er, I meant Pastel Clown and a Killer. Bleh. :P

Jackie said...

WOW. Here's hoping killer grows up to be a lady killer.