Thursday, August 9, 2012


So yeah, I have had some time to look at these babies, and I have come to the conclusion of a few things.

Yes, this guy is a Pewterbee. He's pretty sweet looking, and he is a Pewterbee.

Am I sad about it?

Kinda.. It would have been sweet to have a Mojave Pewterbee.

Next year, my friends. Next year.

And you know what else? This is a Firefly Crystal.

And this guy is a Fire Crystal to the left of her.

It took a few weeks, but I feel like it's pretty clear now. Especially with this photo.

And finally....

I hate assist feeding. But it is a necessary evil when animals are not interested in eating on their own from the beginning. 
Like this guy...

He was tiny. He is still tiny, and he didn't get any yolk when he hatched out. So Tuesday night, with much coaching from friends (cause I dislike doing it), he was given a mouse pink to eat.

By given, I mean shoved down his throat and into his stomach. 

These pictures are of him the day after.

He's still tiny, but at least he has something to grow on.

I have high hopes for this guy, seeing as how he is my first Clown ever.

(And by He, I am basing it on a very slight view of the genital region. I may be wrong...I didn't really want to push the issue. -SNAKE BREEDING PUN-)

HAH! I still got it... Kinda.

Anyway, I'm off to prepare some more for the Reptile Show. Also planning to do a few more this season, depending on what sells this weekend.

Any good shows you guys know of?

Have a great day, my friends!

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