Thursday, October 25, 2012


Time got away from me and I've missed two whole days!

I'm so sorry, my friends!

I've been working pretty hard at my 9 to 5, which is turning out to be 8 to like... 6. So of course, I don't get home in time to have the leisure of typing out my thoughts on the blog those nights.

Some things have got to give.

Yesterday was kinda the same deal, but with having less chores to do when I got home, I actually managed to (gasp!) get the available page updated!


It is not complete, but I did put up animals that some people were asking about, and took some photos of animals that I hadn't done yet.

Hopefully tomorrow I can finish it up, barring any other craziness in the working world.

It's a tough line to toe when you have so many responsibilities...

And today is feeding day, which means feeding and not so much playing around with camera or website.

And of course, I haven't had any time to enjoy the fact that the Giants won yesterday, the 49ers are doing well again, and that Fall is coming.

I haven't even gotten over the fact that it should be breeding season.

Yeah, still not ready.

Gotta get this in gear.


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Jackie said...

Hi Heather,

I posted a question on Google+. I don't want to ask it here in public, because it's about customer service, and a specific customer.

(But feel free to answer it here, if you can keep it vague on details. Very, very vague. Vague-ity-vague. Like, don't even mention it's the answer to my question... :( )