Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pastel Clowns

Let me tell you a story about a long time ago... 

Once upon a time, back when Heather was just starting out, she had a friend that gave her an awesome Birthday present. 

Back in 2007, she was given a 100% Het Clown male, which back in those days was still worth several hundred dollars.


Happy Birthday to me!

So of course, having that kind of male meant breeding it to stuff.

Back then, Heather didn't have a lot of stuff.

But she did have a Pastel female, which she put with the Het Clown male and got 1.2 Pastels 50% het Clown, and 1.1 50% Het Clowns

So of course, all the females were kept.


Fast forward to 2012, when the females were ready, and when Heather finally had a visual male to put in with them, it was time.

And then of course, the Clown male turned out to be rather inclined not to breed.
So then, a Pastel het Clown was purchased to hedge any bets for the season.

Pastel het Clown and Clown were rotated thru the 0.2 Pastel 50% possible het Clowns and the 0.1 50% possible het Clown.

Thru out the season, things were hatching.


Unfortunately, one clutch went mostly bad, and a Clown was dead in the egg.

The first Pastel clutch had the tiny Killer Clown and the Pastel Clown,
the second Pastel had the dead in the egg Clown,
and the third from the possible het...

gave me these:

These Clowns are amazing.. I am really excited about how they look! They should mute a bit when the shed, but they are already CRAZY bright. 

This one I'm holding back.. I may do the other as well, but we shall see. I'm debating.

I'm getting a bit Clown hoarding crazy due to the fact that it took since 2007 to hatch out my own Clowns. 

There is one more Clown in the egg, and another possible Het that has yet to emerge.

This is the second to last clutch in the incubator right now. After this, there is a huge lull and we will have to determine what we are going to do here on the blog during that time.

Have a great day, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

congrats!!! always nice to hatch out first