Friday, October 19, 2012

This season, recap

As this season comes to a close in my mind, I have to say, I'm not completely impressed with it.

I managed to mess up royally some how with incubation, allowing several clutches to kink up.

I managed to lose track of clutches due to real life happenings.

I lost several important animals in the collection due to varying issues.

I am not upset with everything that I have achieved, but I have to say, it could have been MUCH better.

But such is life, right?

I promised myself that I would do better, get better, learn from my experiences and move on to better things.

This doesn't mean that the failures don't sting, and that I feel overly confident in myself. I admit, this is one of the lower seasons of my career, and I am not happy with it.

But this is, like I always say, something to learn from. If I can share with you (and myself) what I learned, and you learn from it, it was all worth while.

I have been blessed in my life with awesome events, a loving new husband, a great new dog, and lots of fantastic friends.

I have been able to produce firsts for myself this season, and firsts for the industry.

I am not too bad off!

But I'm still disappointed in myself because I could have done better.

Aim for the stars, right? I'm aiming for the next galaxy...

I lost my focus, and I am here to get it back.

So here's to a better season in 2013, and more awesomeness to follow.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

i know exactly what you mean! i think sometimes as the collection starts to grow and grow, the "busy life" gets in teh way and we dont adjust accordingly- at least for those of us hobbyists and not "full timers". sometimes i dont realize how much additional effort it takes to maintain the collection in the same quality if every year im doing 50-100 holdbacks! before you know it the small things are missed and they add up sometimes resulting in negative consequences. other times, its just bad luck in terms of incubation or females getting eggbound etc good luck next season!