Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stingerbees and Comparison

I have hatched out Stingers for several years now, and I realize that a lot of people may not really see what the big deal is about them.

So what? An Enchi Spider? Who cares? It looks just like a Spider to me..

Well, let me edjumacate you all about the awesomeness that is the Stinger morph.

Enchi + Spider = Stinger or Stingerbee. (Same thing, just people being confusing)

They hatch out GOLD. Just like the Enchis, but with more GOLD and less brown.

With Spider combos, I have noticed that the color is ALL or nothing.
Like Pastels, even the worst pastels will make an obvious Bumblebee..

This is the case with the Stingers, but it is hard to capture the color when people are only looking at obvious changes. Without a comparison, people can overlook the awesomeness that is the Enchi colors.

With Stingers, they also have a melted pattern from the Enchi that softens up the Spider lines and takes away any spots (if they are good Stingers).

Here we have two Spiders of different tones (just spiders, however) that are compared with this Stinger of the same age.

It is OBVIOUS once you see them side by side.

And as they age, like most morphs, they do tend to speckle up, get some contrast get a bit more pronounced. Especially with the Enchi morph, that turns the blacks into browns and mauves, and the gold into MORE gold...

Here we have the same sub adult male..
More golden yellow scales, more brown chocolate tones on the spider lines...

And of course, you can't forget the head pattern. 

Stingers are, for what they are worth, excellent combination morphs to have. Brighten it up with a Pastel and make a Wannabee, or do something even more crazy!

They are great, if not hard to capture on camera.

Hopefully this has convinced you of that.

Have a great day, my friends!


On the Ball Reptiles said...

I love reading your blogs and learning from WHO we all call you, "The Snake Goddess". Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and caring that others learn from you. You write, I'll be reading. <3

Hager's Herps said...

Thank you. I am new to snakes. I just recently got a yellow ghost. I am ver interested in learning about different morphs and what quality each one has. This has been a big help for me.