Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I get a kick out of being able to teach.

At one point, I considered being a teacher.

Let me continue by saying I don't know anything about how to be a teacher, I just like teaching.

I like people (most of the time), I like talking, and I like seeing people understand and learn.

So when I was called in to do another talk at the local community college about the pet industry and how it works, I jumped on the chance.

This was an opportunity to talk to up and coming pet industry professionals, be it dog walking, cat boutiques, bird farming, etc about how to be a part of the pet industry.

I was accompanied on the panel by Lori who works at a Bird Farm, and Freddie, a local animal shelter officer.

All of us had the opportunity to share our views on the pet industry, what makes it good, what makes it not so good, and what to do to succeed in the industry.

It was a lot of fun, and a lot of engaging people and questions to answer.

Lori was great fun, and really seemed to love her birds and her facilities. She also owns two iguanas that are up there in age that have the fun of being able to roam around the aviaries on her grounds. How cool is THAT? 

It was also interesting to hear from the animal control officer, who sees the down and dirty side of the pet industry, rather than the kittens and rainbows aspect of selling a baby pet to a new owner. 

Joel was in the background taking these pictures, as you can see.

I'm there rocking the mustard cardigan. Yeah, baby... Fall colors for the win!

To summarize the experience, it was gratifying to know that other people out there care enough about animals to go out and start a business with regards to them. I look forward to seeing all of these students with awesome new businesses once they complete their courses, and prepare for the real world.

Thank you, Professor Crane, for letting me come back. 

It's a rough one out there, but shoot for the stars and all that other cliche stuff.

Have a great educational day, my friends.


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