Monday, October 1, 2012

I have returned!!!

So yeah, I am a fail. I took the camera, but didn't get a chance to walk around and take any photos. I didn't even bring the camera into the show.


Maybe I can get some post-show photos from my father, who did stop by for his only ever Reptile Show so far since my involvement in the industry. He finally got to see in person what I do, and as I understand it, he had a great time.

He even won a few books and a hat at the USARK auction on Saturday night!

So of course, this day of blogging will be a bunch of fluff to cover up for the fact that I didn't do what I promised I would do for you all.

I apologize for that.

But it was a great show, and I had a great time doing it.

I got to meet some awesome people, moved some great animals to some great people, and I really did enjoy it.

The drive up and back, however, was not as fun.

I am still recovering, so please forgive me.

I have some things to share over the next few days that are somewhat exciting and worth waiting for, so please bear with me.

Have a great Monday, my friends.


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