Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Updating the Collection Page

As you all well know, I've been doing this for a while now.

But, it always surprises me when I get down and dirty and actually look at what I have accomplished over the years.

Starting from a Pastel male and some Normal females to what I have today is absolutely astonishing. Had I known what I was going to achieve back when I started, I would have been shocked.

Back in the day, there were no Lavendar Albinos, Tri-Stripes or Ultramels. There were no Quad morphs to even look at to shoot for. Bumblebees were all the rage, and Spiders were what everyone wanted... Caramels were beautiful and with no issues.

Pieds and Albinos were tens of thousands of dollars, and Hets were expensive.

Pastels were four digits, and recessives were hard to find and admire.


Bumblebees are common place. Spiders are not interesting anymore due to the revelation of the wobble. Caramels are being replaced by Ultramels due to the kinking issue that is now common knowledge.

Pastels are at pet stores for pet prices.

Everyone is after the Quad or Quint morph, and new "morphs" keep popping up out of already established morphs.

It is fascinating how quickly the tides have turned...

And why do I go on this trip down memory lane?

Because I was updating the Collection Page, and I am really pleasantly surprised at how many morphs I have created over the years, and how awesome they are!

I get to go into the Snake Room at some point this week and take more shots of some of the more rare combinations that I have hit on, and put them up on the Collection Page. I've already updated the titles, but I need PICTURES.

So keep an eye out.

And know that with hard work and dedication, you can produce whatever you put your mind to.

Have a great day, my friends!

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