Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I prefer

I know that what I do isn't the be-all-end-all of Ball Python breeding.

I know I don't know everything, and neither does anyone else out there.

(If they say they do, well... keep walking)

But I do know for certain what I prefer.

I prefer to feed live, although there can be issues with that. Animals eat easier, but problems can and will arise with live prey if left alone for too long.

I prefer sani-chips, although there can be issues with that as well. Sani-chips can be swallowed, and although can also be passed... it can cause problems in the bowels and also in the reproductive areas. I use paper towels, but they are hard to keep clean for long, and need changing often.

I prefer to use closed rack systems, with sides that are enclosed. I use both, but I do notice that many animals do prefer the magic of darkness and enclosed spaces.

I prefer rats over mice. Mice smell and are small, wherein rats smell and are big. Big is easier to feed (if they are feeding) to a Ball Python than many smalls at one time.

I prefer to artificially incubate at 89F. I know people who do it lower, and those that do it higher. In general, this temp works for me.

I prefer to use substrate when incubating. I use vermiculite. It works. It's messy, but it works.

I prefer Coke to Pepsi.

I prefer Chocolate to Vanilla.

I prefer Dogs to Cats.

I prefer the 49ers over all other NFL Football teams.

I digress...

I hope this helps.

What do you prefer?


Jackie said...

I prefer tanks to racks. They're far harder to keep clean, but I find animals that hang out in racks for months at a spell are less "socialized" to handling. I like to periodically play with the ball pythons, and I like to watch them at night.

I prefer f/t to live. I don't have my own rodent farm, and the husband has forbidden getting one. It's therefore cheaper to ship in large numbers of f/t. Also, I was a vegetarian for a decade and a half, and I still feel pretty bad about the lions and Christians gladiator aspect of live feeding.

Sani-chips are swell in racks. I have had some problems with mold, though. And I actually found some BUGS living in some moist chips last week. YECH. It's hard to keep tubs clean with paper. And they smell, even after you bleach them. But oh! Baking soda! Baking soda really does to the trick on that stinky-tub smell.

Chocolate, coke, dogs. Don't talk to me about football; I grew up in Buffalo. It's disappointment all the way.

Anonymous said...

NINERS FOR THE WIN! they need to bounce back after not showing up sunday =(

Heather Wong said...

Yeah. I was there (hence the weekend trip). It was sad...