Thursday, October 18, 2012

Last clutch of the season

Even as I was hoping for more eggs, I am calling this the last clutch of the season. I may be wrong, but I've turned off the incubator for now.

This is my Firefly to Mojave clutch, and it turned out alright.

I was hoping for more combos, but I ended up with one, so I'm happy.

0.1 Normal, 2.0 Fires, 0.2 Pastel Mojaves, 0.1 Pastel Mojave Fire.

The Pastel Mojaves and Fires both out of this clutch are AWESOME. I'm really pleased with the way
they turned out.

And here we have an illustration of the Fire and the Pastel Mojave to equal the Pastel Mojave Fire. 

And here she is in all her glory.

I'm pretty stoked on her, to be honest. She's hot!

After she sheds, it should be really cool to put the Pastel Mojaves and her next to each other.

So that's it so far this year.. I'm not even ready for next season, so it will be a lot of random photos and tips if you guys request them.

Here's to a new season!


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