Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Rock Captives Revisited (and Steve)

I love the times I spend with snake folk, looking at the stuff they have, and relishing in projects that can be done, and the physical evidence of that that is possible.

Yesterday, I was over at Rodney Robertson's place, and I got to see some of his and our friend Steve Grosso's critters.

I had a great time, talking shop, seeing snakes... This is what it is all about, people.

And we begin with the photo session.

This here is one of Steve's VPI Axanthic Spiders.  They look fantastic, and I really like how they are clean with no spots. Again, the arguement with VPI line versus TSK versus the others is always in effect, but hey, I can appreciate an awesome Axanthic Spider anytime.

And of course, an awesome Pastel Yellowbelly. I can't get enough of the pastel stuff that is coming out, and to have just a great looking pastel to begin with is all that you really need.

This here is an animal I covet, the Mystic Fire. I saw it and knew that it was a powerful combo to have, but just imagine all the possibilities that it can do? Just throw it to a Mojave, and you are set!

Another animal I covet. I tried to run out the door with this one, but to no avail. This is one of Rodney's super awesome lucky clutch females. Why is that? Well, two years ago, he hatched out a clutch from a Cinny to a Lesser. He got 5 Cinny lessers and a Cinnamon out of five eggs. He hatched out 2.3 Cinny Lessers, one egg carrying twins!! Crazy good luck, and this gal is looking fantastic.

And of course, an awesome looking Flora and Fauna Calico. I really like these guys... I want a few myself, but for now, I'll just settle with admiring them.

 A killer Spinner het Ghost.. I LOVE Spinners, and this one was really nicely high white on the sides.

And last but not least, an Anaconda. She is BEAUTIFUL, and very docile. I had a lot of fun watching her wiggle around. Yellow spots are a big thing for me, and this gal had them all over!! They also have the wierd bug eyes, which are kinda cute in a way... I had a great time playing with her. But, they are not for me...

So there you go, my friends. I hope to get out and go photograph many other breeders collections for the blog, but I gotta get out there and do it! Apparently, my next trip has to be Virginia, so that is going to be in the works...

But until then, I will go home and take pictures of my own snakes. After seeing all these cool critters out here on the East Coast, I wanna go sit in my own snake room and relish my own...

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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