Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It has begun...kinda

Well, I've been slacking a lot recently about getting on top of getting breeding plans in line, as well as getting the room prepped for breeding as well.

I have finally gotten some stuff done.

I have a list of males, and a list of females, and a column for who goes with which female.

Checks have been made on the list as to which females are legitimately going to be able to go this year...

Males have their tags made for those who have been producing sperm plugs, and those that should be soon.

You remember those tags, right?

These suckers...

I heart those tags.

Previous blog about it was HERE on how to make them...

I made all of the new up and coming males their own tags. They are moving up in the world!

And of course, prepping the gals for a new season, getting them fatter and happy. Some will go later on in the season, some will go very soon.

Very soon instead of now?

Well, yeah. I haven't actually put males in with females yet.

I've been busy as all heck doing the local shows, and getting ready for the holidays, and working full time. I have only had a few hours here and there to clean, feed, water and admire, much less think hard about who is going with whom.


I have a list that has slowly been getting completed. There are of course animals that have already a predestined pairing that will happen...

Like the Orange Ghost poss het Pied to the Pied poss het Orange Ghost.

That's a slam dunk right there. No need to pair anything else to those guys...

But most are not that simple.

So I go into my happy place, look at snakes, think about snakes, check my morph book and admire the combinations that are out there and think to myself, Yeah, I'd like to do that...

I am about 75% there to get ready to start the official breeding season here at Heather's Herps.

But, I guess more than anything, although I do plan on doing what I like, I want to know what you out there in internet land like to see? What do YOU want? What would YOU like to see out of my season this year?

I do breed for my own projects, but I know that you out there want certain morphs to be done, and certain combinations to be made.

Enlighten me.

I need help!

Have a great day, my friends.

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Edward said...

I would love to see some Black Pastels next year. Please.