Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creepy Crawlies

I have arachnophobia. I do. I think I've mentioned it several times over the years. 

I don't like Spiders. When I see them in person, I tend to get squeamish. 
But yes, we have a Tarantula, and yes, I see spiders around the house and in life often enough. 

But these guys? I can handle these Spiders...

This is my Spinner girl that I hatched out, a Spider Pinstripe. I really really really love this combination. I'm not sure exactly why, but I just love the way they look!

And of course, we can't ignore a bit of Pastel added to it.. This picture doesn't do this guy justice, but they are awesome!!! Pastel Pinstripe Spider for the win!

I have to say, I wasn't really expecting this combination to look so good, but it really does. This is a Pewter Bee, or a Pastel Cinnamon Spider. You can't really see the Spider in this combination as much as the others, but it is there. 

I don't, however, really like the Cinnamon Spiders. I don't have one to show off, persay, but I don't think they are that stunning. Kind of a interesting combination, but nothing WOW!

And of course, the Bumblebee, which in real terms has nothing to do with Spiders at all.. 
Spider Pastel combination, one of the cornerstone morphs that most people LOVE! I love them too!

This gal is one of my favorites, and I am really glad to have her here. I'm not sure what I plan on doing with her, but then again, that's why I get to wait a few years.

Spiders are a great morph to be working with, and they are creepy crawly and awesome!

So enjoy the pictures, make your plans, and have a fantastic day, my friends!

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