Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting close to the holidays

It is getting colder and wetter here in Southern California, which means breeding season is in full swing.

I have determined a few more pairings, and every male that is in rotation is with a female (mostly).

Currently we have:

Silver Bullet x Het Red Axanthic
Sterling x Normal
Firefly x Spider
Pastel Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly
Pastel Lesser x Normal
Pastel Super Mojave x Pastel
Mojave Spider x Pastel
Enchi x Pastel
Pastel het Pied x Het Pied
Pied x Het Pied
Caramel x PH Caramel
Genetic Stripe x Het Genetic Stripe
Albino x Spider PH Albino
Pastel Orange Ghost x Het Ghost
Clown x TSK Axanthic PH Clown

With that being said, there is not to much action to be seen at this point, with more males just hanging out on top or around females rather than actually doing something. Which is why there are no photos...

There are a lot of things going on over here with the Holidays coming up, so there may be a bit of a shift in terms of the focus of the blog.

I will be in New York over the Thanksgiving Holiday, which means that there will be less photos of my stuff and more photos of other stuff.

I will be attending the White Plains show on November 28th, and if you are from that area, come on down and introduce yourself! I'll just be walking around, talking to people. I will not have a table. I will, however, be around, and if you wanted a Heather's Herps shirt, I can bring them to the show!

So with that being said, this week of blogs may be a little less exciting in terms of snakes, unless you guys give me a topic you are dying to read about!

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

Countdown to Thanksgiving... 3 DAYS!

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