Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chipo and how she came to be

You may remember Chipo from years past, and maybe even the John Berry book that most recently came out with the more updated morphs. 

This is Chipo, my Black Pastel het Red Axanthic female, and what I understand to be one of the firsts.

Yes, they are similar to Gargoyles, but since they are a new combo and not Cinnamons, I call them Onyx's. 

Why Onyx? 

Well, cause the color is so DARK. 

This photo below is actually closest to real life colors. She does have an overtone of brown, but she is DARK. I really love this gal, even if she has decided not to eat very well over the last year...

 Here is her mother.. I never knew that this gal was a Het Red Axanthic, but she is!
She has a darker tone, which is why I chose to breed her to the Black Pastel. I thought, this would make a great bunch of awesome Black Pastels!! But she surprised us all by giving me Chipo. 

She is finally ready to go again this year, and I am not sure what I plan to put with her, but I may consider doing another round of Gargoyles/Onyx's depending on the male.

She is an awesome female, that's for sure. Females that look different definitely can be! 
I had no idea what she was...
Don't loose faith in those dinkers. 

And of course, the breedings... Nothing much, but a few tries already. 

Genetic Stripe to Het female.

And the Mojo Spider to the Pastel. He is working his magic for sure. 

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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Jackie M. said...

We love Chipo. How could you not love Chipo?