Thursday, November 11, 2010


 I've noticed in the Ball Python Morphs that Yellow is the color to be. The brighter the better. 

Yellow is a great color, really. 

Did you know that in Chinese, my last name (Wong) means Yellow? 

So next time you see me, you can be like "Yo, Yellow!"

And I would be proud of that. 

Yellow is a great color. 

Especially in Ball Python Morphs. 

Pastels are the perfect example. 

They combine with so many things to make so many other things! All of them YELLOW(er)!

And Butters, Lessers and Mojaves.. All have shades of yellow.

Take this fine specimen of a male. 

Butter Enchi. Both yellow morphs, combined to make a super awesome yellower morph. People think it is stunning, and I do agree.

A Super Pastel is pretty darn yellow. So is a Super Pastel Lesser! This guy exudes Yellow. 

I absolutely love these guys. 

And most people do too. 

Shades of Butter Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Canary Yellow... All in contrast with oranges, purples, greys and blacks. THAT, my friends, is what Ball Python morphs are all about. 

Colors and Contrast. 

Maybe we will do an expose on Colors... I like it. 

The Ball Python Color Rainbow.

I will get on that. 
Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Jackie M. said...

Oh! Speaking of yellow, the 2009 almost-but-not-quite-super pastel has decided to stop eating. Been about 4 weeks now?

It's gotten cold here, and she's around 600 or 700 grams, so I'm not worrying about it. But... I was watching a J. Kobylka Reptiles video a couple months ago, and he said something about how a lot of ball pythons eat themselves silly until they hit 500 grams... and then somewhere between 500 and 800 grams a lot of them will suddenly stop eating for while.

And that got me thinking: not all of my snakes have done that. But I'd say most of them have?

It certainly fits the pastel's behavior to a tee.

So have you experienced that? And if so, is it really a 500-800 gram thing? Or is it just that they usually get to that weight their 2nd winter, and by then they're big enough to start a breeding cycle?

Jackie M. said...

Oh, that turned out to be a very long question.

But here's another one, while I'm thinking about it: What's the longest you've ever had a snake go without eating? And did you feel a need to intervene?

Heather Wong said...


That is a fantastic question, and to sum my answer up, YES. IT HAPPENS. IT HAPPENS ALOT!

I will do an expose on the behavior on Monday for sure...