Friday, May 22, 2009

Pastel-y Goodness (but not really!)

I've decided that today will be educational, so we are taking a step back into the world of Pastels.

What the heck is a Pastel?
THIS is a Pastel:

A Pastel is a Yellow ball python morph, and has several lines: Graziani, Lemon, Bell and a few others. These are all basic Pastels.

There are other Pastels out there that aren't really Pastels...

For example: Cinnamon Pastel, Black Pastel, Enchi Pastel (as pictured)

These are not Pastels in the sense that they have the Yellow ball python morph involved in its genetics.
Someone wanted to mess with the newbies and get them confused.
I've seen this question a lot on forums and such where it was: "How do I make a Cinnamon Pastel? A Cinnamon morph with a Pastel morph?"
No siree bob.
Pastels are its own base morph.
Cinnamons are its own base morph.
If you combine the two together, you'd get a whole new morph, the Pewter.

Same with the Enchis (pronounced En-Chee), Enchis are its own morph, not related to a Pastel. This is an Enchi. Can you see the difference?

Now there are Pastel combos, and I'd like to reintroduce you to Sunny.
She is a Pastel Yellowbelly aka two morphs combo-ed into one animal!
What a sexy beast.

And here is her not related yet same morph friend, the other Pastel Yellowbelly.

The colors are more vibrant, and the yellows stay very yellow. It is the glory of breeding for color!!

I probably shouldn't have written this educational blog without having another few days to go into it, but I will touch on this stuff again next week. If you have any particular questions or have something you want me to discuss, let me know!
Have a fabulous weekend, my friends. Be safe this Memorial day.


Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend Schmouse.

Brandi said...

I LOVE the educational posts!!

and I was a noob not too long ago.. and that "pastel" at the end of other names did throw me..

I could SEE it wasn't a pastel.. but why are they calling it one then..

ya know

and those yb pastels are amazing

its my birthday soon
*holds hands out*

ha ha ha ha