Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ARGH! And Jack

Seriously, this season is already messing with my head.

I gotta tell yah, I spent many many minutes in the snake room yesterday looking into that female's tub for eggs. 

And as of 9:15PM Monday evening, this is what I saw. She passed some urates (as you can kind of see in the top left corner), but NO EGGS.


Now, I know these eggs are coming. They have to. She is absolutely bloated. But they are taking WAAAAYYYYY longer than I thought they would. Which of course is what I get for thinking. No matter what you expect in snakes, something else throws you a curve ball.

Thanks, Scar. I love you, but you are totally making me crazy.

So to get me away from my crazy, I decided to step away from the snake room all together.

And then, the suggestion to see Jack popped in my head! PERFECT! A snake that I am not expecting anything from will get my mind off of my crazy.

And of course, he goes and acts crazy.

Let me tell you about Jack, the Black Mexican Kingsnake. He likes his hidey-holes. And Joel likes to provide them. Apparently a paper towel roll makes a perfect Jack hiding spot.

Jack does not like leaving his roll. He checked me out a few times while I was taking pictures, waiting for food possibly.

Being the photographer I am, I hoped to get him out of his hole to get some pictures, but thought that some of them with him in it was pretty funny. And yes, he can fit his entire self inside of it, given enough contortionary time.

Eventually, I was tired of him hiding, and pulled him out. Here he is in all of his glory. Not too much bigger now, but bigger than before. That coconut husk hide used to be his go-to hide, but now he doesn't fit in it.

I have to say that he is a handsome snake, but he wiggles too fast for my liking. He spazzes out!
Of course, this coming from someone who deals with "Slugs" all day... HAHAHAHAH!

Anyway, I FULLY EXPECT to have eggs today or tomorrow. I ALSO EXPECT to be wrong, which seems to be the trend so far.

Have a fantastic non crazy day, my friends!


Jackie said...


I actually buy poster shipping tubes from the FedEx store and Office Max, and cut them up into 18" sections. The ball pythons love the tubes. LOVE THEM. Snakes cannot resist the lure of tubes.

Chelsea Dawn Boocks said...

Our black racer used to LOVE his papertowel tube, until we gave him some flower pot bottoms for hides. Now he just buries underneath them all the time. Every once in a while, he tunnels in his reptibark, which freaks me out because he'll just erupt out of it from NOWHERE and ATTACK my hand.