Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh weather...

The weather here in Southern California is known to be somewhat odd, but it is getting a bit ridiculous already this year. The rains and the heat keep coming and going. Yesterday there was a heat wave, with highs in the 90s, while the week before, it was raining.

This concerns me more because of the females that are still developing or getting thrown off by the weather. I know I am. I dislike the extreme heat of Southern California, but this is where I live.

So I believe the heat will pass in the next few days, and we will get cooler weather again, and then it will get hot again. AWESOME! This may be the reason why the females I am watching to lay are "hinky" so to speak, as in off their timing.

It puts me in such a bad mood when it gets too hot out here. I don't like being too hot. Sweat is not my friend. And add working in a heated snake room to the mix? Not a good combination. Summers in Southern California are great near the ocean... Not too great inland.

But such is life, and we continue on with it, as we must.

Oh, by the way.... No eggs still.

Scar is now on my boo-boo list. I'm hoping for the eggs to come before the weekend, but I will give it until Monday. That is an almost sure bet. Am I putting any money on it? Not on your life.. Not the way things are going.

So of course, to go with my random ramblings, I have included random photos of animals. I hope you enjoy them!

I have been sharing a lot of the 2010s because they are just easier to photograph. I need to get in there and get some better pictures of some older stuff. Maybe tomorrow... I've been moving critters around and am not sure who to pick first.

Have a great day, my friends!

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