Monday, April 4, 2011

Gross... but good!

 There are instances where I take a photo and I think to myself, Eeeewwwww...

And then I get over it. 

I want to share these pictures with you, and with breeding season in full swing, yes, the tubs can and will be dirty. 

I am somewhat shamed by it, but really, it is to be expected a bit. 

For those of you who notice, remember that breeding is a delicate time, and moving animals around just to clean is not the best idea.

This is not to say that right after I took these photos, I waited until the males unlocked and immediately cleaned afterwards... Cause that is exactly what I did. 

Paper is notoriously hard to keep clean. 

Anyway, I digress.

Dirty tubs aside, apparently I have to wait until night time to take some photos and see some locks. 

Above, you see the Firefly with a Black Pastel female. He is doing work!

Below, we see the Pastel Super Mojave with a Black Pastel female. He is also doing work!

And my Pied male with a Het female.. they were rough, as you can see the paper was pushed to the side. But I managed to catch more locks in this week surprisingly than other weeks combined. 

It does seem, however, that my season will begin rather later than before... I have yet to get any eggs, and a few ovulations, but nothing solid to say, HEY LOOK, 2011 has BEGUN!

In a week or so, we shall see that, I expect.

And for those of you who e-mailed and called about my quitting, thank you for your concern! I am here for the long haul, my friends. Can't get rid of me that easy. 

Now I have to come up with something else clever for next years April Fools... 

Have a fantastic week, my friends!

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