Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting warmer

So this weekend, I spent a significant amount of time cleaning and prepping and feeding and cleaning some more.

And you know what, you guys?

I actually noticed some ovulations.

This is fantastic news, and makes me feel that much better about things starting to heat up.

Why, Heather, are you freaking out so much?

Well, my friends, last year I would have already had a clutch on the ground at least. This year it is looking like it will be another two weeks before I see any eggs.

This of course, is nesting, usually after ovulation. I think she is in her pre-lay shed.
This is only a problem because of the snake shows I intend to vend at. If the snakelings don't hatch in time, I won't have much on my tables.

No big deal, really, but it would be nice to have a good spread of things when the time comes.

This is where the pressure/time crunch comes from.

Of course, when eggs do come, is when things start to get more calm.

But now is the storm before the calm.


Which of course means I still have until next month to be inundated with eggs, but that is fine by me. Just bring on the eggs... EGGS!!!!

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Chris R said...

Egg prayers headed your way. :0)

Mike K. said...

WOW!!!! You sound just like me. Come on eggs hurry up. I've got a few girls ready to blow BUT NOTHING. O well. Wait Wait Wait.
It's still fun though.