Monday, April 25, 2011

What you should look for

Since Friday, I have been watching often in the snake room to see if there are other females that are ready to blow. I have palpated many to get myself up to snuff in terms of who is what where. I am AWARE AND READY FOR ACTION!

And this is the next girl to blow.

I expected her to lay her eggs on Easter Sunday, but as I type this, she has yet to lay anything.

And here is what I have been looking for and what you should see when a female is about to lay. This is Scar, my female Pastel that was attacked by a rat.

As you can see, her spine is well defined, as we call it, the flat tire look. Spine prominent, but bloated on the sides. Also the sucked tail, where you can see the definition of the bulge (eggs) versus the rest of the body. The photo above was taken around 11AM Sunday. The photo below was taken around 5PM the same day. Notice the difference in bulge location?

 This photo was taken around 10PM on Sunday, and I honestly was expecting something SOON!

Maybe this morning when I get into the room I will find some big pearls!

Until then, I am going to be looking into an Ultrasound. (Thanks for the reminder, Rex!) I've considered it for several years, but this year is one that would have been very nice to have. Blog to come about those soon!

Have a great day, my friends!