Monday, April 18, 2011


It's Spring Break for me right now, and although that means I only get respite from three out of the five classes I'm taking, (enrolled in two schools) it means more time to PLAY!

My goal this week is to get a video of SOMETHING done, now that I have more time to play around with it. Not sure what yet, but have a few ideas brewing.

So other than that, what does this mean?

This means more interesting blogs, I hope. With more cool pictures and interactions and junk.

And also more Word Feud, Angry Birds and other games.. (If you wanna play me, I am LadyOhh on Word Feud)

And more time to take questions and requests for blog topics, while I get used to having even less to do than I do now. I'm not good with that..

I even had time to clean off the poop marks on my Pastel Super Mojave before I took photos of her.
(I would have done it anyway, but it did take a bit of time.. This gal loves to rub it in)

So I am going to go off and enjoy my day, and I hope you do too. I will get back to you soon with stories to regale you! Have a fantastic day, my friends!


Jackie said...

Hi Heather, how do you avoid red eye in your pics? My super mojave in particular ALWAYS get red eye. Or do you just not use a flash?

Jackie said...

(and if you don't use a flash, how the heck do you do that? My indoor pics turn out TERRIBLE without a flash.)

Heather Wong said...


I have never actually had any problem with red eye in my BELs. I use flash as well, but I focus far enough away that the flash doesn't get caught up in the eye. I'm not sure, really.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help...


Jackie said...

My super mojave looks like a total DEMON in all her pics!