Thursday, April 21, 2011


 Some of you may or may not know this, but I have more than just Ball Pythons.

I have several other critters, including two dogs (Regal and Kona), Jack the Black Mexican Kingsnake (which is actually Joel's snake, so I don't handle him much), as well as a little harem of Crested Geckos that I have had for several years now.

Why is it then, Heather, that we don't hear much about them??

Cause they are pets. 
 I don't do much with them other than enjoy their company.

With the Cresteds, I did consider breeding them on the side, but was met with a firm HELL NO by Joel.


Well, as you can tell, there is a lot to be done with the snakes already, and to add to that another group of breeding animals which reproduce at the rate of rabbits is not a smart move for my sanity. 

So I do not.

And this guy, my special little rescue guy, is my only male Crested we have. He was given to us at a show, and he was already in bad shape. He is missing a few toes, has a bit of a crooked back, but otherwise is a fantastic animal.

May I introduce to you, Rudy. (applause)

This is my Rudy-patootie, and he knows it. Cresteds are such interesting creatures, they have the most fascinating faces and colors, as well as the way they climb on things!

He jumps EVERYWHERE, including onto my face, and has hands and feet that can grip on almost everything. It's so fun to watch him shimmy up a glass panel after crickets.

He is a solitary guy, mostly because he is the only boy out of our group, which means he can't be with the gals (of which we have three).  So of our Cresteds, we have 1.3. 

They are really great pets. They eat fruit baby food and crickets (there is specialized formulas that are powder based that are better for them than baby food, but is similar). They don't need specialized heat sources or lights, other than being in ambient room temp and an occasional spray of water. 
They are just easy!

 I really love this little guy for everything he has gone thru before he came to us, and for what he is for us now. He is my jumping bean, and the critter I love to play with (other than the dogs).

So go out and hug your non-ball python critters! They are awesome too.

Have a great day, my friends!


Chelsea Dawn Boocks said...

So very cute! I love my Gargs for the same exact reason! They make me so happy just to watch and play with. I love the snakes, but they just aren't as "fun" as the geckos. I must say, I miss all my animals right now as I'm studying abroad and have been gone for 3 weeks (out of 4 months) but I know they're all being taken care of so...*sigh* Just gotta keep on going. Lol.

Jackie said...


The masses demand a Jack update.