Friday, April 22, 2011


So I was cleaning yesterday night, checking up on animals and just in general opening up tubs. I had moved a few males around, and had put the Pastel Lesser male in with a Pastel female that I didn't think was ready yet a few days ago.


I opened up the tub yesterday to see the male, the female, and some eggs. The eggs were not coiled up on at all, they were actually on top of her, but I think she had laid them recently (within the last few hours), as there were veins and albeit they were colder than I like, they were safe.

So here we have clutch #1 of the 2011 season here at Heather's Herps.

And damnit all if it could have been a bad bad thing had I not checked up on this tub. I am expecting them to be fine, so lets cross all crossables.

Pastel Lesser male to Pastel female, five good eggs!

And thru it all, the female was a good sport. No biting, no nothing really.. She seemed just confused. I failed her. And of course, it made me feel that much worse when I pull everything out and she looks like this.

Post egg laying females are the sorriest sight in the world..

But the tub was cleaned up, she was washed off, the incubator was turned on (I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE It ON YET!), and things are rolling right along.

I deserve a face palm for the way this season has started out, people.


Oh well. I am glad it has begun, however it did.

Anyway, I also wanted to take a bit of time and help out a friend that has requested it.

My friend Brandi is helping run a fundraiser for MNSNAP, the Minnesota Spay and Neuter Assistance Program, which is a 501c3 that "fixes" strays, rescues, as well as low income family pets.

The fundraiser is called "Pins for Pets"..  (called so because at the end there is a big Bowling grand finale)

If you are in the area of Minnesota, if you just want to help those less fortunate animals that need it, or if you just feel the need to give for tax purposes, this is a good place to do it.

Give freely, my friends, if you can.

And have a fantastic day!


Krystal said...

Awww! Hey, it's okay, though! These things happen no matter how vigilant we are! At any rate, it looks to me like you found them in time, so don't beat yourself up so much!

Actually, it makes me feel a little better to know that no matter how long one's been doing this, females can still surprise us. Here I thought my female was about to lay, and off she goes and locks up with a male last night! I thought I finally had a clue as to where she was in the breeding cycle, and now I'm back to being completely clueless again. It's good to know that sometimes, it's just hard to tell.

Brandi said...

Thanks hun! I am hoping some people will donate, it is a great cause!!

Jackie said...

Wait, Krystal, Bitey locked? Did you put her in with W again? Are you still taking her to the vet?

Wow, Heather, that's... wow. Well, I guess you shouldn't worry about them not building!