Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Heart My Readers

Pastel Het Red
There are days where I wonder how many people out there read this  and actually absorb what I say... 
There are days where I wonder why I am even typing up anything, when I have nothing really important to say (so I throw in a few pictures to break up the monotony).

But I have been doing this every week day for the past three years now, and I feel like I can't let you guys down.

And I have been trying my damndest.

Ups or downs, things being what they are and things being what they aren't, I come here every day and type up something for you all.

And I hope you enjoy it.

And of course, sometimes there are things that I say that make people go out of their way and help me out, by e-mail, comment or what have you.

Yesterday was one of those days.

You remember when I was so proud of myself for finding the colored China Markers? I think it was last week or so... 

Chris R, you are absolutely fantastic for sending me a bajillion black China Markers in the mail. 
Now I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever run out. 


And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. 
You didn't need to do that, but I appreciate it very much that you read my blog, and went out of your way for me. 

Now, this is just one instance, and I know you all out there are also super awesome as well.

So this season, I am going to make the blog more interesting. 

I am planning on doing a few contests/interactive things and giving away a few animals in the process.

So lets all hope/wish/pray for eggs soon, so that these babies can be hatched to be involved in these games!!!


Have a fantastic day, my friends.
You especially, Chris R. :)


Chris R said...

Heather, Your readers appreciate that you take the time to post something almost everyday. It has to be a pain sometimes and I couldn't do it to the extent that you do. I'm sure posting pictures and such takes more time and work but you seem to always post them too. I know a lot of us read the blog and don't post a response very often but we do read it. And you're welcome for the markers. You've got a lot more tubs to mark than I do. A contest would rock Heather. :o)

Jackie said...

That lemon blast looks practically edible. Yum.

(We love your blog Heather!)