Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I know that some times I mention words that some people may not be familiar with.

Candling is taking a flashlight to an egg and illuminating the insides to tell if there are viable veins.

I like to use LED lights to keep it bright, and when there are questions, turning off the light does help. 

If the egg is all yellow, or if there is only weak veins, it may be a slug.

Usually when the eggs are like that, but fully formed, I incubate it anyway.

It usually does go bad, but when in doubt, go ahead and incubate. No harm in doing so at all.

In this egg, you can see the growth ring of the veins right after it has been laid. I would surmise at least six hours or more out of the cloaca. Usually by 24 hours, it is completely formed and there is nothing left to determine between where it began and where it ended. 

Here we have an angle where you can't see the line... But you can see strong veins.

These are all photos of good eggs.

I hope you can use them in your own candling endeavors.

Happy Candling!

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