Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wishful thinking

Well, I put one of the males in the YPMBC club, my Spinnerblast male with a proven Pastel female... And he got to work trying! BUT, he isn't doing work. He is looking like work, but nothing actually functioning. So, let us make some wishful thinking occur...

Fingers crossed.

There are a few doing the same thing, but this guy was one I didn't expect anything from, so these good signs are making me excited!

And of course, when the camera was out, the photos happened!

Above is a Super Pastel Mojave female of holdback groups... I LOVE HER COLOR!!! I am very excited to have her in the group, and her younger sister should grow into these colors just as well.

And above this is a Spinnerblast female holdback from last year. I love how much she has grown into herself. Spinnerblasts are one of my favorite morphs, and this photo does her not enough justice. 

The last of the holdback group is my Pied het Hypo female that I produced this year. She bit me while I was taking this photo, but I have to say I love her pattern. Look at those four fingery projections of white! How cool is that?

Back to the grind, of course.

Have a great day, my friends.

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