Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pastel Crystal versus Crystal

I got an e-mail asking about the differences between a Pastel Crystal and a Crystal. And even with my most eloquent and flowery description, it didn't quite cut it, so I went and took pictures.

So here we go.. with more eloquent and flowery descriptions..

Above, we have a photo of the closeup of a Pastel Crystal adult head.

It is faded light grey to lavender, with blue eyes and a bright yellow and creme coloration.

Compared to the head of a regular Crystal, it stands out like a sore thumb. The head of the Crystal is deeper tones of grey and lavender, with a splash of yellow towards the neck area. Also, note the blue eyes...


The colors of a Crystal are a bit deeper, but not by much. It's a subtle darkness, mostly over the spine ridges.

The body tone is just a smidge lighter on the Pastel Crystal as an adult than that the base Crystal. And of course, nothing like that of a baby..

Can you imagine this turning in to that above? WOW! Pinks turn yellows, lavenders get deeper tones, and in general, they are just gorgeous.

I could stare at them forever, really... And I don't like pink.

So there you have it. Adults compared. I don't have a baby Crystal that is within the same shade tone as the Pastel, as they have at least three months age difference, and in that time, they turn into the adult colors..

Got to love Ball Pythons and their chameleon-esque changes..

Have a fantastic day, my friends!


Travis said...

Speaking of chameleon-esque changes, just wait until your new champagne starts getting some age. I know mine was pretty drastic from a hatchling to a few hundred grams

Jackie said...

Hey, that snake has blue-green eyes!