Thursday, December 1, 2011

Egg bound female

Well... I thought it may happen, and it did.

Right now, life has been hectic to say the least, and then this happens...

My super exciting last clutch of the season ends up being a huge bust.

I have never had an egg bound female before, and this girl looks like she is in pain.

Her cloaca is hugely swollen, and three large eggs are still left to be laid. She laid two, one day at a time, and neither of them were fertilized.

I had high hopes for the other three, and then she ends up egg bound.

She is probably at the vet as you read this, being taken care of. I expect that the eggs will be aspirated (have fluid drawn out of the eggs to make them easier to pass) by the vet, and that the clutch will be a bust.

But as long as my first Enchi girl that I ever hatched is alive and well, I'm willing to accept the inevitable.

I just look at her and feel horrible.

I soaked her in warm water, and tried to help her passing, but her cloaca is so swollen and tissue is exposed (prolapsing), I didn't want to risk damaging internal organs.

I've helped other females before, but this is different.

So off to the vet she goes.

Again, these are the things you can't plan for at all, and just have to handle it accordingly. I'm sad I'm loosing the clutch, but I'd be much sadder if I lost her completely, which could be a possibility if I let her try for much longer on her own.

Wish us luck today as she goes into the vet.

I need her to be alright.

Have a great day, my friends.


Jackie said...

Oh, poor girl. This sucks!

Anonymous said...

oh sorry to hear! hope shes ok and nothing was damaged as far as her oviducts for future breeding. what was her weight/age?